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Top DIY Car Maintenance Tips That You Should Know

Owning a car is a good thing due to the convenience it brings. However, maintaining a car can be costly with the need to buy gas, and service it every now and them. Toyota Dealer in Cincinnati, OH experts, advises that one can adopt some DIY car maintenance tips to save on some costs. Taking the car to a mechanic or calling one home even for easy car maintenance jobs will shoot your costs. So, what are some of the popular things you can easily handle?

Top DIY car maintenance tips

Changing the tires

gfhgfhgfhgfhgfhEvery car is bound to get a puncture or a flat tire now and then. However, it will be a waste of time and money calling your car maintenance company to come and help in changing it. Every driver of a vehicle must have a basic knowledge in changing tires when need it. This requires you to have a jack at alls times and a wheel spanner.

Checking the coolant

Coolant is something a vehicle of any type and form cannot do without. As much as different models of cars have a different engine structure, each will have a coolant reservoir. The coolant is stored in a more or less transparent bottle with markings to indicate whether or not the oils need a top up or changing.

Battery maintenance

The battery may fail to work due to corrosion at the terminals. Keeping the terminals the holders clean is a simple as keeping the car clean. All you need is a brush and the cleaning fluid. The current meter will also help you to determine the difference. Some people say you can use a coke soda to clean your battery terminal but it is is a prudent idea to use the professional cleaning fluid.

Air filter

As one of the parts that do not need a tool to replace, changing your car air filters are a recommended DIY job. You can find it under the hood as a rectangular device with paper like filters. One is required to change this after 1200 miles or every one year. Therefore, it is crucial to keep track of this servicing at all times.

Body polishing

dfgdgdfgfdgfdgfdgJust like washing your car, polishing to give the vehicle a gloss should often be done. With a good electric hand polish machine, making your car shine and do away with water marks and other stains on the body should be an easy job.

Do not let your car add extra costs to your bills with what can be done easily. Plan well and do it yourself with ease.