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2014 Texas Winter League

2014 Texas Winter League

The Texas Winter League is for current and aspiring professional baseball players seeking to improve their skills under the direction of veteran professional baseball managers and MLB scouts including Garry Templeton, Mike Marshall, Jose Canseco, Ozzie Canseco, Brooks Carey, Pedro Guerrero, Greg Tagert, Les Lancaster, Chris Paterson, and Chris Carminucci


If you are ready to join the Texas Winter League and take advantage of this great opportunity you can register at www.TexasWinterLeague.com.

Roadrunners Need Extras To Reclaim Championship

Roadrunners Need Extras To Reclaim Championship

FORT WORTH, Texas— The Edinburg Roadrunners needed extra innings defeated the Fort Worth Cats to claim their second straight United League championship by a score of 10-6. Edinburg clinches series three games to two.

Roadrunners Force Game Five

Roadrunners Force Game Five

FORT WORTH, Texas— The Edinburg Roadrunners defeated the Fort Worth Cats to force a game five in the United League Championship Series by a score of 9-3 on Sunday night at La Grave Field.

 Roadrunners Late Rally Falls Short

Roadrunners Late Rally Falls Short

FORT WORTH, Texas— The Edinburg Roadrunners late rally in the ninth inning falls short against the Fort Worth Cats by a score of 6-5 on Saturday night at La Grave Field.

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injuries in football

The most common injuries in football

Football is undoubtedly the most popular and favorite sport in the world. This is evidenced by the highest ratings of football matches and by millions of fans around the world. It is played and earned by millions, or they simply chase the ball with friends in the yard.

But nevertheless, none of the fans of this sport is immune from injury, regardless of age and level of professionalism.

Injuries cause huge losses to professional football clubs. Financial losses turn out to be several million euros, that is why a lot of attention is paid to researches of football injuries. According to research, football players are most often injured at age of 17-19, because the joints are still quite weak and the ligamentous apparatus has not yet been completely formed at this age. Besides, older football players are more experienced and careful - they know how to avoid injuries.

The main area of injury of football players are the legs, of course. Here are the percentages:

  • knee-joint - 20% of all injuries;
  • ankle joint - 17%;
  • hip joint - 14%;
  • groin - 13%;
  • shin - 12%;
  • foot - 12%.

In second place in the degree of injury is the back. Back injuries account for about 5% of injuries; all other injuries amount to no more than 7% of the total.

doping in sports

The problem of doping in modern professional sports

Many people believe that sports competitions, including the Olympic Games, are increasingly turning into pharmacist competitions: some are looking for ways to detect doping, others are competing to create new drugs and develop a scheme for their using, which allows to achieve high sport result and hide the means of achieving it. A number of sporting achievements are attributed to the ?successes of pharmacology?: for example, the jump in world records for weightlifters in the 1970s is attributed to the use of steroids, and the dramatic improvement in results in long-distance running in the 1990s - to the use of erythropoietin.

What is doping and how does it affect the body?

Doping - are drugs which are used by athletes for artificial and forced increase of efficiency during the training process and competitive activity. Depending on the sport, they can have completely different and even opposite pharmacological actions: from psychostimulant to tranquilizing, from diuretic to cardiotropic effects. Therefore, it is wrong to call doping stimulants. They are prescribed once or in a course, depending on the tasks and the mechanism of action of medicinal substances.

The use of doping can only be detected using a special analysis - doping test. Doping control is usually carried out before the performance of the athlete or immediately after it.

The use of doping in various sports

According to international statistics, the use of doping is most common in bodybuilding - about 90% of athletes take steroids. Next come cycling, swimming, ski racing, weightlifting and athletics. Practically clear of doping are considered sports which require perfect coordination of movements, such as figure skating, synchronized swimming, and fencing.

Not all athletes are willing to risk their careers and use doping in competitions. Today, there are certain strict rules for checking each athlete. Doping tests are a long and not very pleasant process. For example, NBA basketball players in the United States undergo mandatory testing, which includes urine analysis. NBA doping control is based on just 6 urine tests per year. Elite athletes are constantly being forced to take more comprehensive Olympic-style tests. This is the work of USADA and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The gold standard of testing includes several urine and blood tests, and sometimes biological tests at random times.

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